Development Services (Plan Review, Permits & Records)


Development Services, a branch of MSD’s Wastewater Engineering division, is responsible for working with customers, planners, developers, plumbers, septage haulers, property owners, architects, engineers, and others to address the following:

  • Issuing sewer tap permits to licensed tappers and disposal tickets to septage haulers
  • Providing tap records and building sewer information
  • Overseeing tapper licensing
  • Reviewing building permit applications as provided by the building departments related to sewers and grease traps
  • Addressing requests for sewer availability and issuing availability of sewer service information for new developments, redevelopments, or subdivisions
  • Addressing private to public sewer conversion petition requests
  • Providing developer concept, plan, and easement reviews
  • Submitting Ohio Permit to Install applications on behalf of developers
  • Providing storm water detention review per MSD requirements for projects within combined sewer areas
  • Providing utility reviews for governmental departments and other projects
  • Issuing excavation fill permits and establishing bonding for construction above, adjacent to, or within existing sewers or sewer easements
  • GIS mapping and maintaining sewer records of the existing sewer system

  • Note: Industrial permits are handled by MSD’s Regulatory Compliance & Safety division, Industrial Waste branch.

    The Development Services office is located:

    Wastewater Engineering/Education Center building
    1035 Woodrow St. Cincinnati, OH 45204
    Office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
    (513) 244-1330

    Please see below for guides, applications, fees, and other information:

    Local Sewer Assessments

    For questions about local sewer assessments, please contact Aaron Burkhardt at (513) 244-5575 or

    Requests for Availability of Sewer Service

    For questions about requesting availability of sewer service, please call (513) 557-7188 or send an email to


    Clarifications to MSD Rules and Regulations and additional guidelines for Developers and Engineers engaging in site and commercial development projects within the District.

    Grease Trap Review

    For questions about grease trap review, please call (513) 244-1330 or send an email to

    Tap Permits

    For questions about tap permits, please call (513) 244-1330 or send an email to

    Private Building Sewers - Maintenance Responsibility

    For questions about private building sewers, please call (513) 244-1330 or send an email to

    A building sewer is the underground sewer pipe that connects the plumbing in a home or business to the MSD public sewer system. It’s also called a house tap, lateral line, or building sewer lateral. Property owners are responsible for keeping the entire length of a building sewer clear of clogs and blockages and for repairing any broken or collapsed portion of the building sewer that is located on their private property.

    Sewer Tappers

    For questions about sewer tappers, please call (513) 244-1330 or send an email to

    Septic Haulers

    Information about Waste Haulers has been moved to a new Waste Haulers page.

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